The Trephina Luxury Collective provides a flexible and cost-effective solution to meet your business objectives. Below are just some of the ways that we can help you.


Bringing a new company to the market, expanding an established brand into a different territory or launching a new product or service all require an intelligent and robust strategy. To develop this, I understand your business objectives, ensure alignment between all stakeholders and seek absolute clarity on the level of marketing investment.

Industry, competitor and consumer research is used (or commissioned if necessary), before the presentation of a timed and costed marketing and communications plan, liaising with all relevant third parties. This stage may involve running agency pitches or revising existing service level agreements. 


Activity is then managed and implemented, on time and budget and, where possible, effectiveness is tracked, enabling existing and future marketing to be refined.


The HNW and UHNW market is ever-changing in terms of media consumption, cultural, gender and generational nuances and its drivers to decision-making. Therefore previously successful marketing may rapidly lose relevance and impact. 

I identify what needs to evolve and what elements of brand equity should be retained, an essential balance for luxury brands. Interest is revived, providing a product, service or brand with a new lease of life.


 As an owner, investor or marketing lead, how confident are you that your present, or soon-to-launch marketing activity is absolutely on point? Will the chosen messaging resonate positively in every territory? Is there any duplication in your media schedule? Are you missing out on digital innovation that could save you money and increase effectiveness?

To give you peace of mind, an impartial and time-sensitive fixed fee review can be conducted, so that you can be confident your marketing budget is invested wisely.  


A permanent senior marketer is a significant business investment. While strategic input is vital, it could be that by using marketing automation a more junior team member could maintain day-to-day activity.

I can be retained for a number of days a week or month, giving you all the benefits of a highly experienced and committed marketing lead, but in a cost-efficient, flexible manner.


In times of personnel change, I can lead your marketing team on a temporary basis at short notice, adding value, ‘keeping the plates spinning’ and supporting you in a recruitment process.

Additionally, if the senior leadership feel that their marketing team isn’t functioning correctly, pinpointing the issues can be challenging. I can give you valuable insight as to where changes could be made to ensure everyone is motivated and working to their potential.


The Trephina Luxury Collective provides expert support in all areas of marketing communications.

Advertising creative, both on and offline 

Brand partnerships

Brand positioning, messaging and tone of voice

B2B PR, awards and public speaking opportunities

Consumer and creative research

Consumer PR and award submissions

Content creation

Copywriting and translation

Design (graphic and packaging)

Digital including websites, SEO and PPC

Email campaigns


GDPR / E-Privacy data compliance advice

Interior architecture and design


Marketing suite design and logistics planning

Media planning and buying

Photography, film, CGI, VR and AR

Print procurement and management

Social, including social influencers